Thursday, October 15, 2015

The New Stone Soup in American Sign Language DVD

All new from Once Upon a Sign!  The newest title in award winning Once Upon a Sign Children's DVD series celebrates the power of sharing through American Sign Language.  " The New Stone Soup" became available on DVD September 22, 2015.

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Stone Soup tells the story of three traveling magicians who hope to enjoy a delicious meal after entertaining the folks of a local village.  The people are happy to revel in the show but not at all willing to share their food with the performers, so the trio comes up with a plan to get the community to contribute food and learn that sharing can be a joyous and happy thing.  They create the magical stone soup which is enriched with delicious ingredients contributed by all - what could be better?

Watch a trailer of " The New Stone Soup in American Sign Language"

Once Upon a Sign is a multi award winning DVD series.  Previous titles in the release include the New Jack and the Beanstalk in American Sign Language, The Magic Mirror in American Sign Language, The New Goldilocks and the Three Bears in American Sign Language and The New Little Red Riding Hood in American Sign Language.  All are endorsed by KIDS FIRST!!  and have received the Dove Family Foundation Seal of Approval. Suggested retail price is $15.95 for each 25 minute video.

 photo photo 3_3.jpg Once Upon a Sigh re-creates classic children's stories with modern themes performed by an all deaf cast entirely in ASL , with voice over and English subtitles.  Each DVD also features "Fun Sighs, " a recap of key signs from the story.

The next title in the DVD series, " The Three Little Pigs in American Sign Language" will be released in early 2016.   For more information visit

Our favorite part is the fun signs section that recaps all of the different signs you learn through out the DVD.  WE love learning new signs and this is a great way to do so.  I love that each DVD is not to long 25 minutes makes it a good time for children to sit and watch.
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