Monday, September 14, 2015

Icons by Margaret Stohl {September Book of the Month}

Life has been busier and reading has been slower this month.  I've still read a few great books. For the month of September I'm recommending Icons by Margaret Stohl.  Icons is a young adult dystopian science fiction.  The story line is about a corrupt government, alien attacks, humans being used as slaves, and mysterious Icon children who can save the world.

Margaret Stohl wrote another YA series which I loved Beautiful Creatures.  If you go into this series thinking of Beautiful Creatures you will be disappointed.  This series has absolutely nothing in common with that one.  This book is more for the science fiction fans.

Icons is set in science fiction.   An alien attack on Earth shutdown power sources and cities.  Four children  have no idea why they survived but they did. They are brought to gather by a rebellion to save the world.  The story is told from Doloria's perspective one of the four.  Doloria is a weeper, she can feel the people around hers emotions and if she touches them she can read their memories as well.  The other three teenagers are Ro , Luca and Tima each of them have unique gifts as well.  There is a love triangle too but I don't think the love triangle is a key part it just adds to the story.

The second book in the series is Idols and it picks up right where Icons leaves off.  The Icon children are trying to save humanity.  They are immune to the aliens.  Doloria finds herself loving both Furo and Lucas . She also has visions of a sister a fifth icon. These visions take the four of them on a journey to find the fifth.

 Idols is full of action, explosions and drama.   I thought this series is great for young adults.   I enjoyed both books in this series they definitely made a rainy weekend a better one.  That's why they are my choice for the September Book of the Month.

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