Monday, August 3, 2015

Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty {August Book of the Month Pick}

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Back to real life we go.  August is here and summer is over. (BOOHOO) How many days until summer break again?  I know someone knows the answer.  I've so enjoyed my summer reading list. July's book of the month was The Girl on the Train which is excellent.  Catch my review here or just know I highly recommended it .  My pick for August is Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty.

Sometimes it’s the little lies that turn out to be the most lethal."   This book is both smart and funny and has so  many glimpses into real life with just that bit of made up to make it rock! 

This book is told in multiple voices. Primarily the characters are three leading ladies Madeline, Celeste and Jane. Each of these ladies has a voice that will ring with yourself or someone you know.

  • Madeline is a 40 year old mom of a teen and kindergartner.  Her oldest daughter is from a first marriage.  Madeline has a great since of humor and wit as she deals with the ex who left her and now is back and all to involved.  His seemingly perfect wife and kids.  
  • Jane is the single young mom and newbie of the group. She has just moved to the area and is dealing with some ugly past demons.  Her son gets pointed out as a bully from the very first at kindergarten orientation and she deals with some pretty ugly parents from here on out. 
  • Celeste seems to have the perfect life . She's rich, has a great looking husband and great kids.  Looks can be all to deceiving.  
The bond that unites these three they all have children in the same kindergarten class.  They all have outside troubles but they stick together and try to navigate through the school politics and some of the ugliness that goes with it.  Trivia night is a school fundraiser and some one ends up dead.  The book starts out with this revelation and then steps back to the beginning of the story.  You find yourself trying to solve the mystery of who it will be.  I definitely called it wrong. 

A fun witty read filled with laughs and wonder.  I definitely felt a connection to the characters and enjoyed this one.  A great read for August as we all head back to school . You never know what is happening in another persons life.  Kindness goes a long way friends. "Oh calamity" the book for August!

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