Monday, July 13, 2015

What it Takes to be a Successful Author Like Daniel Handler

There are many great professions you can choose from in this world. If you have a lot of creativity and are looking for a way to express yourself, you might want to consider a career as a professional author. This is a rewarding career if you have enough talent to get a publishing company to be interested in your writing. However, before you can even give some serious thought to attempting to make it as an author, there are several traits that you must possess. While authors may write on subjects that are very different from one another, there are some things that they have in common. These is especially true of successful authors. Here is what it takes to be a successful author like Daniel Handler.

Great organizational skills

If you are going to be writing books for a living, it is imperative that you are very organized. Although it is easier nowadays to stay organized because of modern technology like computers and smartphones, you will still need to be a very organized person to be a great author like Handler. This is because it will usually take you a year or more to write a novel. During that time, you will be gathering a great deal of information to help you with your writing. You will also be constantly rewriting the work you have done. You will need to be able to quickly access your writing, as well as your reference materials. You will always need to know where everything is at any given moment. If you lose some of your writing, it could set you back and cause you to miss a deadline.

Ability to work alone

Being an author is a very solitary profession. In fact, it would be difficult to find a job that would require you to work alone more than being an author. Many people will not be able to handle the solitude that is required to write a novel. A writer needs to completely focus and immerse himself or herself in the world he or she is creating. This will not be possible with constant distractions from other people. If you are unable to work alone for long periods of time, you might want to consider getting into a different line of work. Some people will not know if they can handle it until they try, so a period of experimentation might be necessary.

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