Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins {July's Book of the Month Pick}

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If you've wondered where I have been the last week or so I've been road tripping with the family.  A summer adventure and I unplugged this time and just enjoyed the moments .  I have to say the trip had some ups and downs but over all we did make some great memories and have a lot of laughs.  Laughs are always a good thing no matter where you are.  I've been reading up a storm this month. That's one thing about unplugging from the tech world you have plenty of time to catch up on your summer reading.  I've finished several  books this month  but one really stands out to me .
The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins is absolutely addicting.  I didn't want to put the book down.  Definitely my pick for July Book of the Month.

The Girl On the Train #JulyBookPickDark , Haunting a psychological thriller The Girl On The Train hits all kinds of aspects of life.   This book is told in three voices : Rachel, Megan and Anna.

.Rachel rides the same tray everyday once in the morning and once in the afternoon. She drinks to much and has black outs. The black outs cause her to have issue telling what is fact and fiction in her memories.  She is grieving over a husband who does not deserve it. He has left Rachel for another woman Anna and moved her right into their home.  A home that just happened to be on that same train route every day.  Rachel has built a fantasy over this other couple living a couple of houses down from her exes home. She sees them from the train and has this fairy tale life imagined for them each day. When a murder occurs Rachel finds herself entangled in the mess .  She makes an unreliable witness because of being drunk. She keeps having flashes of what happened that night but she has blacked out and is trying her best to recover those memories and figure it all out.

Megan is the girl that Rachel has built a fantasy around. She finds herself married but just not quite happy with her life. She is kind of stumbling through day to day.  She seeks help from a therapist.  She hides things from her husband and then she disappears. Of course the husband is the first suspect in the crime.  Rachel knows she saw something pertaining to Megan that night but she can't get it all together because of her black out.

Anna is the new wife. The one who basically had no issue sleeping with what was then Rachel's husband.  There were issues in the  marriage before Anna came along but still she doesn't make for a likable character when she is a husband stealer. Anna is at home with a small child and feels like she is being stalked by Rachel.  No bones about it she wants Rachel out of their lives.

Twist and turns definitely full of surprises.  Just proves you never know what a person really is or what they go through.  I agree with the comparisons to Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. If you read that one and loved it (I did) then give this one a try . I don't think you will be disappointed.

What's been on your book stand or kindle this month.  I'm looking for a great read for August!
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