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5 back to school freezer friendly brekfast recipes

Back to school is about two weeks away for this girl. Which means I'll be back at work, the kids will be back at school and life will be busy again. Gone will be the long summer days at the pool and evenings of whatever we would like to do.  There is a part of me that will love being back at work with my "school babies" and back into a busy routine.  Then there is a part of me who is sad to see the summer days with my children end.  My youngest had a really difficult school year last year and it makes me specially sad for him.  One thing I try to do to ensure that I have even more time with him is to stock my freezer.  I am a huge fan of once a month cooking.  If you've not heard of once a month cooking its pretty simple you take one or two days out of the month and prepare a bunch of meals ahead of time and freeze them. Stocking your freezer and making life so much simpler.  We're all about the simple life in these parts.  Today I'm going to share 5 Back to school freezer friendly breakfast recipes you can  make up now to make August run more smoothly.

Freezer Friendly Breakfast for back to school:

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  • Smoothies-  smoothies are great for breakfast on the run or a go to snack on a busy afternoon.  I like to have freezer bags filled with everything I need to mix up a smoothie.   Then you just grab them out , pour them into your blender , mix and your ready. How many of you want to do this in the mornings but just don't have time. If you have it prepared ahead of time it is so easy to have a healthy breakfast on the run.   Our Banana Smoothie recipe is super simple with just three ingredients.  The key to having smoothie packs in the freezer is having everything chopped, washed and prepared in a labeled zip lock bag except for the milk and ice cubes. Add them in to your blender as you are mixing it up. (Almond Milk works great in smoothies.)  We're looking forward to trying some of these green smoothie recipes this school year from All Things Katie Marie.
  • French Toast Sticks-  Freezer French Toast Sticks are one of my family favorites. For Freezer French Toast Sticks you need one or more loaves of bread.  One loaf works well for my family but if you have a large family snag some bread when its BOGO at Publix and make even more.  The recipe is simple enough to double. To cook up a batch of French Toast Sticks takes 20 minutes. 
  • Breakfast Burritos-  so breakfast burritos and breakfast bowls are easy to prepare at the same time.  I like my burritos with ground sausage. The great thing about making up breakfast ahead of time is you can easily make them customized for each family member.  Making busy mornings a lot easier. We like the Breakfast Burrito Bonanza Tutorial at Mom On Time Out.  She definitely has burrito making down to an easy science. 
  • Breakfast Bowls -  Krystal's is just across the street from my work. And I am way guilty of going through in the mornings and getting an original scrambler with a coke.  It's just so easy and good too! However, spending $6 on breakfast every morning is really not budget savvy. This Mom likes to vacation to much to spend all of her money on drive thru breakfast. I like the country breakfast bowls recipe from Budget Bytes. 
  • Breakfast Muffins -  these breakfast muffins are yummy and you can make a bunch at once.  I usually use sausage in mine but you could do chopped ham or bacon or even a meat lovers version if you choose.  Bake them up, freeze them and microwave in the mornings in just a few seconds you have a good hot meal.  
Now you just need a good cup of coffee!  Mornings are not our cup of tea at the Whiteheads but having meals ahead of time and planning our days ahead make things run a lot smoother leaving for a happier day.  What do you do to make back to school easier? What are your favorite freezer meals? We want to know . 

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