Monday, June 29, 2015

St. Crocaustine new exhibit at Ripley's in St.Augustine

They asked and you guys choose. The winner of the Name that Croc Contest at Ripley's Believe It or Not in St.Augustine was St. Crocaustine!  The new  new 24 foot long, 8 foot wide crocodile created entirely out of iron and scrap metal can be seen now at Ripley's .   Congratulations to the winner of the contest!  

StCrocaustine photo unnamed_4.jpg
St.Crocaustine the new exhibit at Ripley's. 

The giant Nile crocodile is the creation of Keith Coleman, of Baton Rouge, La., and now resides in front of Ripley's Odditorium at 19 San Marco Ave.  The lion may be the king of beasts, but it is not the most feared animal in Africa. Several animals, including wild boars, hippopotamuses, and even bees kill more people than lions do!  The number-one animal killer in Africa is the giant Nile River crocodile.  The new exhibit is a 24 foot long replica of a monster believed to have killed 17 people in 2004!  Believe It or Not!

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