Sunday, March 22, 2015

Printable Cinderella Coloring Sheets for Kids #Cinderella

When Miss Madison was growing up I bet we watched Cinderella a million times.  She LOVED it. With CINDERELLA now playing in theatres everywhere , we thought it would be great to share some coloring sheets inspired by the movie. You can print them out and let your little artist get to work .

Get artsy with your printables. If you want to change it up from coloring try adding some glitter paint or maybe water color.  We love  getting creative with art materials here.

 photo image003_1.jpg Printable Cinderella Coloring Sheet 

 photo image007_2.jpg Printable Cinderella Coloring Sheet #2

 photo image009_1.jpg Printable Cinderella Coloring Sheet #3

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