Monday, February 2, 2015

Easy Tortellini Pasta Salad Recipe

Life is busy. One of the things I've been working on this month is not eating out at lunch time so much.  It's easier said than done because fast food is just so convenient.  I'm always leaving my lunch at home or just don't have time to make anything that I want.  I know excuses excuse but I bet some of you are in the same boat as I .  My coworkers and I have been trying to come up with a solution to our eating out woes and instead of eating out every single day doing it on Fridays. We've been alternating sandwiches and salads which has been a yummy alternative to our fast food ruts.  I've been trying to think of something new to add to our lunch menu.   Then Miss Jamie sent me her super easy tortellini pasta salad and I said there we go!

 photo pastasalad1.jpg All You Need to make this Easy Cheese Tortellini Pasta Salad Recipe : 

  • 1 box of spiral pasta
  • 1 box of cheese tortellini
  • 1 cucumber sliced
  • 1 container of cherry tomatoes
  • 1 package of pepperoni 
  • 1 package *8 ounce cubed cheese
  • 1 bottle of Italian Dressing 
  • 2 cups of shredded Parmesan cheese
What you need to do : 

Boil your pasta and tortellini and drain. Slice your cucumber and add it in to a large mixing bowl with the pasta and tortellini. Then add in your tomatoes, cheese and dressing.  Give it all a good mix. Chill in fridge until ready to serve.

This is a great salad to take on a picnic or pack for lunch . It works well for potluck dinners also.   

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