Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Book of Life Family Movie Night! #BOLInsiders

"I received complimentary products to help me host a family movie night celebration. All opinions shared below are completely  my own."

The Book of Life is the newest DVD to hit our family movie library.  The little and I really just couldn't wait to watch it .  Family movie night with him is one of my favorite ways to unwind. It is a really easy way to have some time together . I really love the chance to make just a regular movie night even more special .  This movie night was really fun because we shared some New Year's resolutions for the family (basically we discussed vacation).  Mom really wants to go to Hawaii and the kids really want to go to Disney.  Who knew?

 photo 1418848968-BookofLifeBDOring_1.jpg
We loved the music! #BOLInsiders

THE BOOK OF LIFE is a breathtaking animated comedy with a dazzling visual style unlike anything you’ve seen before. Torn between the expectations of his family and the desires of his heart, a young man named Manolo sets off on an epic quest that spans three spectacular worlds in order to reunite with his one true love and defend his village. Not your ordinary fairy tale, THE BOOK OF LIFE is a wondrous fantasy-adventure filled with magic, music and fun! It came out on Blu-ray/DVD on Jan. 27, 2015.

First , we had a delicious and healthy dinner .  You have to have a good dinner before hand because we had some serious snacks to get to during.  Turkey Tostadas are a great choice for the family.  (Printable Recipe here)

 photo photo.png
Movie Night Dinner #healthieroptions2015
We enjoyed some tasty Valentine Snacks during the party. Cream cheese Valentine Cupcakes and frosted sugar cookies and don't forget the popcorn. We always have popcorn on movie night.  Can you really have a movie night without it? I think not.  And don't forget the sodas either.

 photo photo 2.jpg
movie snacks can you say sugar rush

We played around with these cool masks through out the movie as we laughed and visited.  The kids all thought this was so fun being silly.

 photo photo 4.jpg photo photo 3.jpg

 The favorite parts of our family all included music. We thought the music was very good and entertaining.  Visit our The Book of Life post for more fun printables.  We had a great movie night. Can't wait until the next one.  We Give the Book of Life a thumbs up for family night fun.

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