Friday, January 9, 2015

Testing out Grilled Tilapia with @GortonsSeafood plus the #RealisticResolution Challenge and Giveaway!

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Gorton's seafood is one of them foods that has been a part of my family as long as I can remember. When I was younger we use to eat fish sticks for lunch and that was just a few years ago.  Now I'm looking for healthier options . Let's face it the older we get the harder and harder it gets to keep our bodies in the shape they once were.  I'm not saying it can't be done just that things move around , hurt and ache and just aren't always what they use to be.  Gorton's knows that healthier choices are important to both us older folks and our families . They heard I cry and came forward with delicious new products {Gorton's Grilled and Gorton's Simply Bake}.  Thank you Gorton's!

We decided to try a recipe from Gorton's for Grilled Tilapia Broccoli Penne.

 photo GrilledTilapiaBroccoliPenne_GORTONS.jpg
Grilled Tilapia Broccoli Penne looks amazing right! 

You can find the recipe for Grilled Tilapia Broccoli Penne at Gorton's Seafood. For this recipe we used the Roasted Garlic and Butter Grilled Fillets!

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 photo GOR_GRL_RoastGarlicButter_TLP-1.jpg What did we think?  The grilled Tilapia was so easy to prepare as well as that healthy family meal. The roasted garlic and butter fillets had so much flavor.  We love that you get that great grilled taste with the mess of actually breaking out a grill.It went very well in the pasta salad also.  This going is a great meal and so easy we will definitely be trying some new recipes with the grilled and baked line from Gorton's. I really loved the flavor of the garlic butter Tilapia and even more how easy it is to prepare when I'm so super busy right now.  I felt like Gorton's totally helped me prepapre a healthy meal for the kids and I.  And in my book that makes them Awesome!

 photo 30DayChallenge.jpg Gorton's has teamed up with Spark People to bring the 30 Day Realistic Resolution Challenge! I just joined this #RealisticResolution Challenge.  I did Spark People to lose weight and change my life style before I got pregnant with baby #3.  I lost over 40 lbs and one a weight loss challenge at my work and then surprise I got pregnant. When I read about the 30 Day Realistic Resolutions challenge I thought why not , "it's a great way to bring that healthy life style back into my life."  So I signed up you can too ! 30 Day Realistic Resolution Challenge Sign UP It's free and a super supportive group. Plus they share all kinds of Amazing recipes and even weekly meal plans , meal and snack suggestions. Nice!

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