Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Why I will use Charmin this holiday season! #MC #TweetFromTheSeat {sponsored}

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2014 is on its way out the door friends.  I'm not sure where the year has gone to but I do  know the holidays are here and I will have a few holiday celebrations to attend. As I am sure is the case for many of you guys.  One of the things I always worry about when hosting a holiday party is a clogged toilet. Nothing puts a damper on a party like a clogged toilet. Charmin and Roto-Rooter have teamed up to ensure you that your plumbing will stay clog free even during the busiest of times (like the holidays).

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Here is a little story from Whiteheads Christmas Past.  Last Christmas Eve my entire family gathered at my parents home.  This is a holiday tradition for our family. Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Grandparents they were all there.  Last year my son who was four at the time went to visit the potty. Now sometimes four year old think they require a lot of toilet paper.  I mean A LOT like the whole entire roll. OOPS!  A four year old might not be as horrified by an overflowing toilet either. They might stand back and watch as the mess ensues with shocked delight as water runs onto the floor and makes a huge mess all of the once clean bathroom floor.  Oh the horror when I peak in the check on my little angel to see water and gobs of toilet paper everywhere with him standing front and center in his best dressed holiday outfit getting soaked.  I just stood there for several seconds with my mouth on the floor I do believe. Shock, Exasperation I'm not sure what it was .  I ran to the go to man when I have a problem "My Dad." 

I'm pretty sure he was as shocked by the scene as I.  Luckily for me Dad was discreet with the clean up and although I was hot in the face with embarrassment it wasn't as bad as it could have been.   Plus they have two bathrooms so the guest were able to use the other one while the clean up took place.  This year I'm planning ahead and we're using Charmin

Did You Know: 
  • More plumbers use Charmin toilet tissue than any other brand. 
  • If your toilet clogs from Charmin toilet tissue you can get your money back.
  • Charmin has partnered with Roto-Rooter America's largest provider of drain and plumbing services.  They want to remind customers of their clog free and septic safe guarantee.

Charmin has a variety of products for families.  Our families top choice to get the job done is the Ultra Soft Charmin bathroom tissue.  That's what you'll find in our bathroom this holiday season. 

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