Monday, October 6, 2014

5 Preschool Ghost Crafts and Book Activities

It's official October is here and with that comes all things Halloween and Fall.  We're excited in preschool as a matter of fact the pumpkin countdown is on.  One of the things we're talking about this month is ghost. There are several fun children's books we're reading together and then we are going to make some fun  ghost. These are great for your felt boards or you can put magnets on them and have some magnetic ghost friends.  I have some of these on the fridge and our magnetic board.

First, read some Ghosts themed stories like these to set the mood.

These books are amazon affiliate links: 

Then it is time to make some ghosts in class.

 DIY Ghost Magnets : 

 photo feltghosts.jpg

Cut your ghosts from white felt .  Then you can add faces with a black sharpie marker or you can do a needle and thread and do some eyes and outline the bodies. The kids used markers for them.  After you are finished with your ghosts you can put magnets on them. I used hot glue and stuck magnet strips on the back for ours. We have them on or board so the kids can move them around and play with them.  You can also add Velcro or even attach them to Popsicle sticks for some story time fun. The kids LOVED these!

Get your  printable ghost pattern here.

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