Monday, September 15, 2014

This Moms Guilty Pleasures { A Confession}

I started out writing this post I was going to share a dinner recipe.  The pictures I need for the post are not on my computer yet, so my lazy self is deciding not to go and get them. Instead I'm going to talk about me.  Guilty Pleasures  what causes the guilt in such matters. It is my life after all.

1.  McDonald's Sweet Tea-  at least once a week I visit McDonald's for nothing more than the tea.  Why the guilt? Friends do you know how many calories are in that one cup of tea.  I mean its a big old cup right and guess what I drink it all.

2.  Binge Watching a season of TV on Netflix.  I love my Netflix. I will watch a season straight through almost like reading a book cover to cover except seasons are a little bit long so usually I just watch one or two episodes a evening. The season last me a while this way. There is an occasional weekend or two when the kids have been at their Dads and I'm alone that I watch the entire season and stay in my Pajamas the whole day long.  I guess the guilt would be accomplishing absolutely nothing on those said days. My current favorite Netflix show has to be Prison Break.  I'm a bit crazy over this one so far its AWESOME!  Here's a looksie at the Season 1 Trailer.

3.  A Good Book the Trashier the Better - Okay it doesn't have to be trashy but it definitely has to be good.   Fiction, murder, romance, history, whatever but its got to be catchy and Free on Amazon would be even better (just saying) Mama could  easily spend to much money on books in a week.  Plus I like to totally be absorbed in the story, to run away into another type of world/life whatever.  I also like to read cover to cover so if its a good one look out I'm probably not going to put it down unless I just have to.  Good Books Rule.  What have I been reading these days?  I just finished Silent Wife  . 

4.  Ghiradelli Sea Salt Milk Chocolate Escape Bars-  Oh boy I really do not buy these often. I do love them so.   Chocolate is a headache trigger for me so I know I really shouldn't. Sometimes I just can not resist.

5.  General Hospital -  Okay okay I know this should probably be listed above with my binge watching on Netflix.  I don't binge watch GH though.  I watch it when I can.  I grew up on Soaps "Guiding Light, , Young and the Restless."  I am a soap girl I mean come on!!  They're like a life staple or something like that.  I replaced Guiding Light with General Hospital when it was taken off the air.    They seriously have some issues going on over there. I love the drama of daytime TV .  It's just plain silly sometimes.  Anyway, I usually try to catch today;s episode of GH on Hulu Plus.  If I don't its not a biggie because I could always binge watch it. LOL .  

Now that you know a little bit more about me and all this guilt tell me a little bit more about you.  
Leave me a comment what is a guilty pleasure you indulge in? 

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