Thursday, September 11, 2014

3 - Back to School Bulletin Boards

A creative bulletin board always stands out to those passing by it (parents or teachers).  Today I'm sharing three back to school bulletin boards from my neck of the woods.

The wee toddler room created this fun back to school bulletin board.  I loved it!  "A new year of sew much fun with "  Each colored circle had a name on it and then yarn laced threw it like it was being sewed (see photo.)

 photo btsbulletinboard.jpg
A New Year of Sew Much Fun With....

Variations of this board could be:

Sewing Up our Letters
Sewing UP our Colors in School
School is Sew much fun

The after school gang came up with this cute board. " Hands Down Its Gonna Be A Colorful Year"
They made rainbows to go on their board.

 photo btsbulletinboard2.jpg
Hands Down It's Going to Be a Colorful Year

A variation to this board would be to use colored hand prints instead of rainbows. 

The toddler room colored school buses and displayed the first week of school with a WELCOME sign to greet those entering the hallway.  The toddler room uses magnets to display their artwork in the hallway making things super easy to display and then change it up as new projects come about. 

 photo BTSbulletinboard3.jpg
Back to school with school buses. 

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