Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Top 12 Boredom Busters for Children

"I'm bored! " the dreaded words heard by parents all over during summer months.  What do you do? How do you keep your children occupied and having fun this summer ?  Or do you let them figure it out for themselves.  I use to keep a toothbrush laying around and tell the older kids if they complained they were bored they'd have to clean the house with a toothbrush.  It worked for a while with them.  Don't worry they did not actually ever do this .  I am one to to say having down time is not a bad thing.  Children need to learn to occupy themselves somewhat.  You can not entertain them 100% of the time, and down time is not bad.  Grab a book, chill out or be creative. Some of the most creative ideas I've had have come at times when nothing else was going on.  With that said here are 12 ideas  for you to share with your bored children.

Top 12 Solutions for Bored Children! 

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  1. paper planes : you can race them, make them, throw them, chase them . Need to learn how to make the best paper air plane check out this post from Creative with Kids. 
  2. paint a picture - free painting or something specific kids love to paint  For many kids art ideas visit our kids art Pinterest Board. 
  3. Bake - kids love helping in the kitchen
  4. Make a Catapult and launch things across the living room or make a game out of it.  
  5. Plastic cups and a boy with a water gun or squirt bottle. My son loves stacking the cups and squirting them down. A great little boredom buster. 
  6. Library time .. Read Read Read
  7. Blow Up some Balloons for Balloon Games : *just hitting it around * add a fly swatter to the mix  , try ping pong balloon game * draw faces on balloons For more ideas visit How We Learn's post awesome balloon games
  8. Go on a scavenger hunt. We recommend this cool printable scavenger hunt by East Coast Mommy. 
  9. Bubbles - I added bubbles to the water table the other day with a bunch of different shaped bubble wands. This was a huge success.  
  10. Indoor Golf - either visit your favorite mini golf center or keep things inexpensive and make your own indoor golf fun at home. We love this Tin Can indoor golf with fun printable tags by The Craft Train. 
  11. Make a boat and have a boat race. Here are a few of our favorite boat crafts. * Soda Bottle Sailboat  *  OJ Sailboat * Coffee Can Sailboat * K-Cup Boats
  12. Learn a Card Game -  I love card games. They don't have to be kid card games either. Teach them an adult game when they are old enough to play along they will love it.  My favorite game as a kid  that I learned from my grandparents was 10 Penny.  My kids loved that one to.  Then there is always UNO or even Rummy. There are plenty of options for entertainment here. 
What tips or solutions do you have for bored children?  Share them below in a comment or tweet me @aawhitehead

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