Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Going Back to School In Style with @Zulily !

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Zulily is hosting great back to school sale events that include apparel, backpacks, supplies, shoes, uniforms and more for kids in pre-k to college from now through September.  My baby is beginning his school adventures as a kindergartner this school year.  I may not be ready but the days are ticking by whether I am ready or not.  It is time for me to do some shopping so I can send him to school in style.  With this in mind I headed online to find  Back to School deals at zulily!

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  There were tons of both girl and boy stuff. I loved that Zulily had such a great selection for us to look through.  Zulily met all of my back to school needs.  A stylish backpack, cute lunch box were must haves on the list.  I love the orange new balance shoes and outfit for the first day of school.  The Buzz Light Year Jacket was a favorite for my son and will come in handy because he gets chilly in the mornings some days.  The 2nd outfit for the 2nd day of school and because his Mom thinks the color will look AWESOME with those eyes!

Gear for everyone and lots of style!  Thank you Zulily.
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