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Learn About Manners, Self Control, Sharing with the NEW Sesame Street Monster Manners DVD (Review)

Please join the furry monsters from Sesame Street and Warner Bros. Home Entertainment as they kindly teach manners to preschoolers in ....

Sesame Street Monster Manners
Available on DVD June 10, 2014

Monster Manners a Preschool DVD (the above photo is an affiliate link if you click on it ,and make a purchase I will be compensated. thanks)

This year my class was filled with energetic kids.  Let me tell you one thing they love is Elmo . I was so excited to receive the new Sesame Street Monsters Manners for review to share with them.  Monster Manners has so many important lessons for this age group. It is jam packed with material they can all benefit from learning or having examples and reminders of.. 

Don't forget the cool Celebrities appearing =) 

Celebrity appearances from Henry Cavill, Zack Efron, David Hyde Pierce, Cobie Smulders and Colbie Caillat!

So, What did we think?  Sesame Street Monster Manners is a great reinforcement of skills I am teaching all day long.  Keep your hands to your self, being polite, good table manners, keeping our emotions in check , being nice to our friends, self control. This DVD will grab your little ones attention and keep it for quite a while.  They think the Monsters are funny and the lessons are entertaining! I think we have another great Sesame Street creation.  Plus we loved the Elmo's World Bonus segment.  

MORE About the DVD :   
Learning manners is crucial for young children.  In Sesame StreetMonster Manners, everyone’s favorite characters help children develop these essential life skills.  First,Sesame Street friends try to help Rosita control her emotions and keep her hands to herself.  Next, Prairie tries to help Cookie Monster perfect his polite table manners. Finally, Can Cookie Monster stop himself from gobbling all the cookies when a Cookie Connoisseur, played by David Hyde Pierce, visits Sesame Street?
“Warner Bros. Home Entertainment is thrilled to release Sesame StreetMonsterManners on DVD and digital this June,” said Jeff Brown, WBHE Executive Vice President and GM of Non-Theatrical Franchise Marketing. “It is vital for toddlers to learn gratitude and humility through practicing good manners. This release will make it fun and enjoyable for families to teach these lessons to their toddlers.”
In 44th season, Sesame Street is the longest-running program in children’s television and is #1 top-of-mind preschool shows with moms! The series has received more Emmy awards than any other show in television history (153), as well as a Lifetime Achievement Emmy Award honoring the 40th year.
Street Date: June 10, 2014
Order Due Date: May 6, 2014
Run Time: Approx. 90 Minutes
Rating: NR
Sesame StreetMonster Manners
Price: $14.98
UPC: 851747004550
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We give Sesame Street Monster Manners a thumbs up from the Whitehead Family.  This DVD is available for sale on Amazon (affiliate link  : Sesame Street: Monster Manners . 

"Living at the Whiteheads Zoo received a complimentary copy of this DVD for reviewing purposes. Even so all opinions shared above our own and were not influenced by this. Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. If you click on them and make a purchase we will be compensated. " 

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