Thursday, June 26, 2014

5 Tips to prepare Your Child for College

In just a few weeks I'll be sending Miss Madison off to college. WOW! It seems like just a day ago they were placing her in my arms for the first time saying "it's a girl."  Miss Madison changed my life forever that day and every day since.  Getting her ready to head off to college is fun, stressful and just plain scary.  That is my baby fixing to head out the door to live her life.  That is my baby full of dreams and ethics.  I pray that life does not knock her down, that heartache never finds her, that despair does not come knocking.  Every dream she has I also have for her .  I know there will be bumps for her along the way but I hope that they are minor bumps and that she keeps that head up high and beautiful smile on her face.  There is a lot to do to make into a University.

5 Tips to Prepare Your Child for College.

  1. Explore your options, make a list and go visit a few schools.  (Make it a family event.)
  2. Be prepared to pay and pay and pay did I say pay.  Yes , tuition , books but before you ever get there it still cost $$$$.  That's right. There are all sorts of testing and test fees, clubs that have admission fees, last minute cost you weren't planning on. ALWAYS!  Get ready to celebrate when the testing and good grades pay off. 
  3. Be open minded just because you want your child to go to  college does not mean that your child shares that dream.  They are old enough to explore and navigate their own lives at this point. 
  4. Help them with House Gear: If they are staying in a dorm room keep in mind that they are small. Help your student find gear that will support this life style and be great for them to. (under bed storage, small fridge, microwave) If they are getting their first place off campus help them set up house.  A college gift basket filled with laundry detergent,  places to eat gift cards,  soap, toilet paper, all sorts of household items to help get them started . 
  5. Be patient this is not only a transition for you Mama. Your children are taking huge steps into their future at this point.  Keep the door open for them to come home and share.  They will. 

Student Nap pods At Savannah College of Art and Design "SCAD"

One of Miss Madison't top schools on her list was the Savannah College of Art and Design.  
You can set up a tour with SCAD for yourself and your student or visit on a day when they are doing an open house sort of presentation for families called SCAD day.  Either way we recommend the experience.  SCAD is home to a beautiful campus.  Savannah College of Arts and Design is a private arts school and tuition definitely reflects that.  It is a very expensive school. Although at the top of Miss Madison's list SCAD did not make the final cut.   My daughter ended up choosing a different University and we're happy with the choices she has made.  She is going to do great things this year and I"m right here on the sidelines cheering her


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