Thursday, May 1, 2014

Grand Canyon Road Trip Plans

Here we go... road tripping lets see what we will see.  We're going to head to the Grand Canyon from here in Florida.  According to google maps it should be give or take 2009 miles and about 29 hours.  We're going to get on I-10 in Jacksonville Florida and see what we can find along the way. I love the kind of trip when you can stop when you want to get out and explore then go back to travel. Of course I'll be on the road with the kiddos so it has to be a family friendly adventure.  Hopefully we all still like each other after the trip.  I think it would be fantastic to rent an RV to do this .

 photo GrandCanyonRoadTrip.jpg

We'll be traveling through these states along the way:

  • Leaving Florida
  • Georgia
  • Alabama
  • Louisiana
  • Mississippi
  • Texas
  • New Mexico
  • Arizona
Along I-10 you'll pass through the biggest city in Arizona, Phoenix.  Explore a ghost town like Tombstone.  Take plenty of time at the Grand Canyon. Visit Tuscon National Park.

~ Little Road Trip Fact ... Did you know the Grand Canyon is known as one of the seven natural wonders of the world?

 photo roadtripfact.jpg New Mexico - Explore Santa Fe on this journey.  While you are here be sure and take in Carlsbad Caverns (they've been on my bucket list for a while now) Carlsbad Caverns is a partially underground National Park.

Texas - I've actually been on a road trip to Texas once before. It was not an area I planned on venturing back to but for this trip I'd make an exception.  San Antonio and the historic Alamo. San Antonio has some great theme parks to so I think it would be a hit with the kids. A good area to spend a couple of days possibly?

 photo GrandCanyonRoadTrip2.jpg Louisiana- the home of cajun culture. My Me-Ma was from Louisiana oh how I loved to hear her talk.  She could tell you a story and laugh like no other.  Definitely going to find somewhere good to eat here and have some Gumbo.  Also want to visit the French Quarter, and take a photo or two at the Lake Pontchartrain Bridge the "world's longest bridge."

Mississippi- I don't have an exact travel destination picked here but I want to stop and let the boys do some fishing here. I've actually been through Mississippi too on that past not so great road trip to Texas.  What I got to see I thought was really pretty .

Alabama- I had a great time exploring Alabama once upon a time. ON this trip i'd like to take in a lighthouse or two ;)

There you have it now for the adventure to begin.  Do you have a place we should visit or take in.  Tell me about it !  What has been your best road trip? 

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