Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Coobie Seamless Bra Review

Bras are a problem for me.  I can never find one that I would say is comfortable or a good fit.   I recently received two Coobie Seamless Bras for reviewing purposes.  I was hoping to find a bra that I could wear through out the day and not be miserable. I was hoping to discover a bra that did its job and worked for me.  So, did I?
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What did I think?  I received a bra in black and one in hot pink.  I really was not sure about the hot pink color .  I immediately gravitated towards the black one that is just me.

  • loved that there was no under wire
  • loved the color 
  • loved that it could be worn in the place of a camisole or tank top
  • loved that it fit my body well 
  • loved the comfort
The Coobie Seamless bra exceeded my expectations.  It is extremely comfortable.  The Coobie looked great layered with other clothing. It not only looked great but it also offered the support I needed.  I was so happy with the black bra it didn't take me long to pick up the pink one.   What I found when I did was another great bra.  The pink one is actually my favorite as far as comfort and fit.

  • loved the wider straps
  • love that there is a removable strap option
  • disliked the removable pads 
  • love that they also come in a full size version
The Coobie is available in 7 styles and over 50 designer colors.  The Coobie is soft, and form fitting.  We're giving it a 
 photo thumbs_up_bciy-2.jpg for both style and comfort. 

Coobie Seamless Bras definitely exceeded my expectations.  They are the most comfortable bras I own.

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"I received complimentary products from Coobie in exchange for an honest parent review. All opinions are my own. " 

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