Monday, April 21, 2014

Who Inspires You in the Kitchen? Tuttorosso #CelebrateYourTradition

Every family has some sort of tradition when it comes to food.  Sunday dinners, holidays, or just a favorite food.  Celebrate your tradition Contest by Tuttorrosso gives you the chance to honor or thank someone special who has inspired you in the kitchen.  Maybe your traditions have led to the passing down of a favorite reicpe?   Wondering who or what inspired me?

Mom -   There is just nothing so good as Mama's cooking and my Mama can make a meal.  My favorites gosh there are so many.  To name a few I love her roast, gravy and rice, country fried steak and hamburger and rice.  I mean look at that plate don't you just want to grab a fork and dig in .Yum!

 photo roastbeefdinner.jpg Granny I. -  Man oh man how I wish I had paid more attention to this ladies cooking.  She has been gone for many years but I can still taste her cooking . She was a true Southern cook and always I mean always had a delicious hot meal on the table.  I spent many many hours sitting in her kitchen right on the counter watching her whip something up. My  favorite thing ever was getting to taste it right out of the pot.  Food always taste better out of the pot (just saying).

Granny S-  her biscuits are talked about all over no lie.  She can whip up some spaghetti that will make you cry and the cakes this woman bakes up oh my.  And don't forget her fried chicken ! My Granny makes the best best fried chicken .

Granny S. and my Mama make up all of our special holiday meals and that is a tradition we all look forward to.  Luckily Thanksgiving and Christmas only come once a year because we do some serious eating.

You can tell I am blessed with some amazing amazing inspiration.

 photo photo15-2.jpg
Share who inspires you and you could Win! 
As part of the Tuttorosso Facebook Contest - everyone who enters will receive a digital recipe book with coupons, recipes and cooking tips.  One fan will be chosen for the grand prize a Celebration Prize Pack that includes a Juliette Serving Bowl, round platter, sauce ladel, pasta pot set and a Tuttorosso heirloom wooden spoon. In addition a $300 gift card will be given to the winner to create a celebration for that special person.  The total prize value is $550!! Wow!!  Head on over to the Tuttorosso Facebook page and share your story now. Contest begins on April 16th and will be going on through May 7th.

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"This post was sponsored by Tuttorosso Tomatoes. Even so all opinions and the above inspiration was completely my own."

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