Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Look New from @Purex "Purex Fresh Pet"

Woohoo , I can't wait to tell you the newest and greatest invention from Purex. As a Purex Insider I love getting all the new information on products and sharing with you guys. Today we're bringing you the New Purex Fresh Pet.   This laundry detergent is designed to keep your pets clothing bright and clean just like yours!!

 photo purexfreshpet.jpgPurex Pet Fresh is a liquid laundry detergent with odor control.  I don't know about you guys but I appreciate the odor control.  My dog can get a bath and smell doggy again in fifteen minutes.  The premium pet clothing formula is specially formulated to condition and moisturize your pets coat and eliminate odor when they wear their favorite outfits.   Whether lounging on the living room rug or strutting their stuff on a neighborhood walk yours pets outfit will surely be noticed.

 photo fresh_pet_PromoThumb.jpgThis is Ripley (my dog) you've heard me talk about this big yellow boy before.  He doesn't use clothes but he has some smelly bedding.  I love that the Purex Fresh Pet has odor control. Having that Fresh pet scent Versus just smelly dog is A+ in my book.

 photo Ripley.png

Ripley says "Thank you Purex for giving his Mom a detergent just for him! "

"As a Purex Insider I am provided with complimentary products for reviewing purposes ."

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