Thursday, April 17, 2014

How to Make a Gum Ball Machine Fish Bowl

When I was little I had an aquarium that looked just like a bubble gum machine.  I also had a real life gum ball machine. Actually, my mother still has that gum ball machine it might be an antique gum ball machine at this point I just had another Birthday.  I saw on Pinterest where people were re purposing those old gum ball machines to make fish tanks.  My mom said ,"No Way".  That meant it was time for a plan B..  I love love clay pots and after doing some more browsing on Pinterest of course I was inspired by the post Swimming with Gumballs by Gauche Alchemy. I decided to try my hand at a terracotta pot gum ball fish bowl for C.  This makes for an inexpensive and easy craft project your children will love.

 photo ClayPotFishBowl.jpg

What You Need for the Project.

  • 1 fish bowl
  • 1 terracotta pot large enough to hold the glass fish bowl 
  • the base to 1 terracotta pot (large enough to fit on top of the bowl)
  • marbles, rocks, , gems, gravel whatever you want to go in the bottom of your bowl 
  • red spray paint 
  • beta fish
  • one red lit from a drink bottle (like coke)
  • hot glue gun
 photo GumBallFishBowl2.jpg

All you need to do... 

  1. paint your pot and pot lid red 
  2. let them dry and apply a 2nd coat if needed
  3. once this is dry you can bring inside set your  pot upside down and place your fish bowl on top
  4. add your marbles or rocks  and water if you have chlorinated water you will need the drops to remove chlorine or bottled water
  5. Now it is time to get a fish we have a beta fish
  6. hot glue 2 liter bottle lid (red) to the top of fish bowl
 photo GumBallFishBowl.jpg

C. named our fish Blue fish .  He loves his blue fish.  I was worried about the fish having air but it does fine. I read that the air circulates when you remove the lid for feeding.  I really don't know if this is a fact I just can honestly say our fish is doing just fine and has been for a while now.  I think this makes for a very decorative fish bowl.  The kids say its a very cool fish tank. I really wanted to use marbles in the bottom of our bowl to look like gum balls. However, there are no marbles to be found in the small town that I live in. I need to order some. For now we are using the colored glass marbles that you can find at Walmart on the fish aisle and also in the craft section.  I also purchased a pack of the green glow in the dark balls from Walmart.  They don't glow in the dark though so it was a total waste of $3. I have been debating on adding 5 cents on the front with my white craft vinyl and silhouette portrait.  I like it just the way it is , but I think that might make it even cuter. What do you think? 

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