Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Walking with Dinosaurs on M-Go and Educational Dinosaur Activities

"As a Fox Home Entertainment Insider I receive DVDs for reviewing purposes and promotional materials to share with Living at the Whiteheads Zoo readers. All opinions are my own. Thanks"

It poured rain today. I mean really poured my yard looks like a lake versus the big field it should look like.  What better to do on a rainy day than watch a new movie with the kids.  Walking With Dinosaurs is not only fun for them to watch , but it is also very educational.  We enjoyed learning all kinds of neat Dino Facts today. Like this one " Did you know herbivores lived longer than carnivores?" Walking with Dinosaurs is a great way to kick off some learning.

 photo walking-with-dinosaurs-the-movie-blu-ray-dvd-WWD-092_rgb-1.jpg

Now Walking with Dinosaurs is not actually available yet on DVD.  It will be on March 25th.  We were provided with a code to watch Walking With Dinosaurs on M-Go.  What is that some of you may be asking?   M-Go is a new platform to watch films digitally, bringing you the very latest movies and TV releases to rent or own on demand with instant high quality streaming.  We watched Walking with Dinosaurs today on our living room TV using our Roku device.  You could also view it on your tablet, computer , kindle, iPad etc.

How did M-Go work for us? We had to set up an account to get started.  You are required to put in a credit card but you will not be charged unless you make a purchase. You receive 2 Free movies to watch when you do this  (you pick but with some limitations).  I also had to set up an UltraViolet account before it would let me watch my movie.  Both accounts were easy to set up and Free.

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Why would you want to watch it on M-Go?  Well the neat thing about it is you can watch newly released movies at home early. I know sometimes I absolutely can not wait to see a movie and  a lot of times don't make it to the theaters.  This let's you watch it a little bit earlier than waiting for the DVD to come out.  You can watch it on whatever screening device you choose or on the go.  A great thing for me personally is to have access to these films when in the car or on the go with my son. He can watch them on one of our tablets and be occupied.

What did we think of the movie?  As a mom I really liked the educational aspect of this film.  I like how it puts words up like the dinosaur name or a fun fact for you to not only hear but to also see across the screen reinforcing literacy also.  The imagery or pictures are great. My son is 5 and he loved watching the dinosaurs stomp and run across the screen. The story line is heartwarming.  I love the brother bond and relationship . Patchi develops into so much more than a little brother.  It is fun to see his character develop through the movie.

How can you use this movie to inspire learning at home?   The movie is a great way to inspire some dinosaur conversation at home. It points out all kinds of fun facts and tips as well as different dinosaur names .  You could head to the library and check out some new dinosaur books. We're always a fan of reading.  Visit our post  Dinosaur 101 for facts for the family and printable activity sheets.  For some sensory play you might like to build a Dinosaur World . This offers a great extension to other activities incorporating some science, exploration and even imagination as well as sensory.   You might like to set up a dinosaur dig table and try our recipe for dinosaur eggs.  For some science fun you might try out Fizzy Footprints activity.  We also have some New fun printable activity sheets for your use .

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