Friday, March 14, 2014

Enjoying the #GreatTaste of Seattle's Best Coffee {Review}

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Some days I  love being a blogger more than others.  I recently had the opportunity to try the #GreatTaste of Seattle's Best coffee.   When my Seattle's Best package arrived I may have been grinning ear to ear.  I couldn't wait to brew it up and see what was what.


You may have noticed Seattle's Best is hitting grocery store with more at home options.  We enjoyed two new roast and ground blends "House Blend and Breakfast Blend."  We also got to try out the new Seattle's Best k-cups.

You can find bags of Seattle's Best home blends can be found down the aisle next to signature blends 3,4, and 5.  K-Cups can also be found at your local grocery coming in March.

Our thoughts ~ The Seattle's Best coffee was ground really fine which means we can use a little bit less than what we'd usually use to make a pot.  No bitter taste at all.  We give both new blends a
 photo thumbs_up_bciy.jpg thumbs up.  Personally I LOVE the Seattle's Best K-cups. K-cups are perfect for me. I usually drink one cup at a time . They are so handy to have on hand.  I come from a family of coffee drinkers also.  My mom drinks a pot every morning and again in the afternoon.  I love that I can share a cup of coffee with her if she stops by in the evenings in just a few seconds with a K-cup.   The taste did not disappoint either a smooth great taste. I will definitely purchase more of these in the future.  Thank you for the #GreatTaste Seattle's Best!!

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I love the Seattle's Best Coffee Mug I received.  It is just the right thing to fill up and head off for a day of work. The perfect start to my morning.  Plus it is microwave and dishwasher safe. Another way I enjoyed m Seattle's Best was with a piece of delicious cookie pie. A perfect ending to my day.  I  take my coffee with both cream and sugar.  

Head on over to the Seattle's Best Facebook Page  and check out the new photo mosaic.   Just tell Seattle's Best what you'd rather live without than coffee using the #GreatTaste hashtag, and your pofile picture will be added to over 10,000 photos making that big picture.  While you are there you can claim a $2.00 off coupon for either Seattle's Best coffee or k-cups.

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"As a Seattle's Best Blogger I received the above package of Seattle's Best complimentary for reviewing purposes. Even so all opinions are completely my own. "
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