Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Miniature Cat in the Hat a Dr.Seuss Craft for Kids

We're getting crafty to celebrate Dr.Seuss this week .  His actual Birthday is March 2nd but we're making crafts and reading books all week in preschool.  One of our favorites from Dr.Seuss is Cat in the Hat.  That red and white hat is a symbol in its own and no Dr.Suss celebration would be complete without it.  Today we're sharing how to make mini cat hats . This is a fun craft for kids to make and very easy.

 photo MiniCatHats.jpg

  • styrofoam cups (the kind with the lip are best)
  • paint, markers, crayons , paint pens (whatever you want to use in red)
  • oven
Have your students decorate their hats to resembles the Cat's hat. (red stripes)

 photo minihatcup3.jpg photo minihatcup2.jpg

You Take the cups home and bake on 300 for about 5 minutes. The styrofoam will melt down to make a miniature hat.  (warning the styrofoam does put off fumes so do this at your own risk and away from kids). 

Find more tips for making this Dollar store craft in our post how to make shrinking leprechaun hats.  See how we used our hats in a paper plate cat in the hat craft.  

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