Wednesday, February 19, 2014

How to Make Kool-Aid Paint A Recipe For Kids

C loves to paint and I love finding new painting ideas for kids he will enjoy and learn from.   The paint you make with Kool-Aid makes a water color type of paint.  This recipe for paint could not be easier to mix up and use.  Plus it smells wonderful.  C loves to pick his colors based on different smells. This is so much fun!

How to make Kool-Aid Paint : 

 photo KoolAidPaint3.jpg

You will need: 

  • packets of Kool-Aid a different pack /color for each different color you would like to make
  • a Tablespoon 
  • a bowl or small container to mix it up
  • water 
 photo Kool-AidPaint1.jpg We used the small snack sized containers to mix our paints and they worked wonderfully. All you do is add your Kool-Aid Packet and mix it with 1 tablespoon of water.  This paint is great for a sensory art project with all of the different smells you can create.  

 photo Kool-AidPaint2.jpg
I love that C loves to paint.  He might just get a love of art activities from his Mama. 

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