Thursday, February 6, 2014

5 Simple Goals for February

Another year flying right on by. I can't believe January is behind us and we're well into the first week of February. So far 2014 has been a rough start. We were really sick most of January.  Personally life could be better. I find myself asking how much can one person really take before they just break?  I know the old saying goes " God will not give you more than you can handle." Oh boy do I ever hope that is true. So with my life in constant chaos these days and prayers that we all land on our feet at the end of this crazy journey I thought I'd come up with 5 personal goals for me.  I find myself so wrapped up in what everyone else needs I usually forget about me.  Or when I do have the time for myself I can't come up with anything "for me" .

5 Simple Goals for Me in February

 photo FebruaryGoals.jpg
  1. Read 2 books this month. You guys know I love to read that is truly a way I escape from reality and chill. 
  2. Do some touch up painting around the house & pick a color for the front door. 
  3. Get a month of post planned ahead on the blog. 
  4. Try Yoga 2 times a week and some sort of cardio 2 days a week
  5. Complete 2 DIY craft projects from my Pinterest boards.  
I'm already behind I think I mean it is February 5th and I am just setting these goals.  We will see how well I succeed at this. Who knows maybe this will be a monthly post here at the Zoo? What do you think?   Could be interesting to see how the goals change each month right .  Mostly I'm just trying to keep my head up and survive all these curve  balls.  Things will have to get better sooner or later right?  
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