Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I Survived 100 Days of Preschool Shirt & Printable

100 Days .. whew can you believe one hundred school days have gone by already?  If you are a teacher or a preschool teacher you may be shouting , "Oh Yes I can."  Thursday marks the 100th school day for us and we're ready to make it rock preschool style.  We're celebrating with 100 day Trail Mix.  What is that?  I can tell you it will be a very interesting mixture of treats.  18 preschoolers each bring one hundred pieces of any snack they choose to mix in the  mix.  I'm picturing gold fish, M&M's , we're bringing ABC cereal for our add in.   I made a 100 day t-shirt and I'm thinking it turned out pretty cute.

 photo 100DaysShirt.jpg 

What You Need to Make a Shirt: 

  • 1 white t-shirt 
  • Avery Stretchable Fabric transfers for light colored fabric 
  • iron 
  • printer and computer 

Here is what we did to make the shirt: 

 photo 100DayShirtCollage.jpg

I used a cool free photo editing site called pic monkey to make a graphic I liked.  I did it 8X10 size because that is the size of the transfer paper.  I did a hand print and in the middle of each print I put a number counting by 5's on each hand all the way to 100.  I typed the text " I survived 100 days of preschool. "  I saved the picture from pic monkey onto my computer. Then I had to make it a mirror image for the iron on transfer.  I flipped the image and then it was ready to be printed. If you would like a copy here is the printable for you. I used Avery Stretchable Fabric Transfers and printed one copy of the image out on a sheet.  Then I cut around the image . I laid it on the t-shirt and ran a warm iron over it for 3 minutes.  Then I peeled off the transfer paper and the image was left on my shirt.

We also liked these fun ideas to celebrate 100 days:

Happy 100 Days!  

Do you have a 100th day of school activity or idea? Share it with drop by our facebook page and tell me or leave me the link.  I'd love to share your ideas and pin them to our pinterest board.  

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