Thursday, January 16, 2014

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn "Chilling, Creepy and full of Suspense"

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Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn is the first book from my 2014 list and I just had the pleasure of finishing it.  I have a lot to say about this book.  Gillian Flynn is definitely an author I'll be checking out a bit more.  For now I'm going to share my thoughts on this clever mystery.  Amy and Nick are both masters of manipulation.  This couple and where there marriage goes is chilling, creepy and tells a story that is full of suspense.

  Gone Girl shares a chilling side of marriage.  That side when the two parties are toxic for each other and everything is falling to pieces.   This is a great picture of everything gone wrong.  The first few chapters got off to a bit of a slow start for me.  No offense to Gillian Flynn but I thought really this is what the buzz about?

I kept reading .. and it got better and better...

The beginning is the back and forth point of view of Nick and Amy a married couple .  What is interesting to me in the beginning is how very different their point of views are  .  It reminds me how many times this is really the case in a marriage. The husband saying it happened like this and the wife a whole other story. A marriage that is just not working.

The psychopathy and manipulation that unfolds is chilling . The action comes and the plot very much thickens.  I don't want to give any spoilers ... but oh boy could I chat about the middle .  In part two the plot seriously kicks it up a notch.  The search for missing Amy is well under way.  Nick is accused of her murder.   The police investigation there are tons and tons of things going on.  It is totally full of twist, and turns and you'll find yourself saying how clever.   Flynn did a great job of capturing the ugly and making you say Wow.

Then comes the ending.  Personally , I love loved the in between.  The ending in my opinion was just over the top out there.  I found it odd that this mystery would  conclude like this one did.     It is hard not to share all the details because it is definitely a book I could chat about.   Would I read it again ?  You  bet. Would I recommend it for others? Sure thing with the warning that the ending may not be liked.

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