Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Fitness Week @Zulily

 photo 66337_FitnessWeekYoga_HP_2014_0108_Maj1_1389021243.jpgThis week you can find some great sales at Zulily.  The one I'm most excited about is the fitness products.  Trying to get back into a normal exercise routine and I could use a few new things.  Now that the holidays are over its time to take care of Mama... or try to.

Fitness Week: Strength Training products on sale at zulily

 photo 69504_BeforeAndAfterYogaShoes_HP_2014_0108_HS1_1388960670.jpg

Fitness Week: Bras on sale at zulily

 photo 72014_fitnessfirst_HP_2014_0108_JAR1_1389143980.jpg

  Fitness Week: Yoga – up to 60% off at zulily

Fitness Week: Running Apparel on sale at zulily

 photo 68838_PerfectthePose_HP_2014_0108_CMZ1_1389121369.jpg

I love that I can find several products during this event in one place. Thanks to Zulily I will be able to get several items on my fitness gear list for a discounted price.  If you are not looking for fitness items do not fret. Zulily has all kinds of other great deals you might want to check out.

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