Tuesday, January 7, 2014

10 Things that Happen in the South When it Gets Cold

cold weather humor

Baby It's Cold outside.  I know it is winter but in case you guys did not know it this Southern girl lives in Florida for a reason.  One of the top ones to avoid the cold.  I thought I'd share with you 10 things that Happen in the South when it turns COLD. 


1.  Our wardrobes consist of flip flip flops and tank tops.  Seriously I have many a photo seeing Santa in my shorts and flops.  We're under dressed for the cold.  Most of us don't want to fork out the dough to buy clothes we will only wear for one or two days. When we get a cold snap we either have to make a mad dash to the Walmart to grab some thermal underwear , jackets and socks or look ridiculous making do with what we have.

Snow ...what's that? 

2. We're use to the snow of the beach. You know beach sand.  We know how to build castles not snowmen.  So , we want to play if we get a flurry or two. However, not for very long maybe a day . We would like it to melt quickly, not messily and stay away from our roads please!

Everyone has Something To Say

3.  When the temperature drops it gets everyone talking in the South.  We're in a tizzy.  Did y'all freeze last night?  Will they close the school ?  They should close the school ?  We complain we whine us Floridians don't do cold.

WE Shut down:  

4.  Ice and Snow Flurries we might just close town down for the day and have a "snow day" I'm serious at least in our little neck of the woods.  It only happens every gosh how many years. Not often. When it does you bet we're going to make a big old deal about it.


5.  The weather is what we deem cold for these few days and then it will warm back up (YEAH).  All of us will have colds and sniffles and well get sick.

We Forget

6.  Something about being in Florida maybe its that year round sunshine we forget.  We end up with burst pipes and water disasters because we forgot to protect our pipes . OOPS.  We forget how to drive or maybe we never knew how. Something happens I think our brains may be wired differently than others.  Seriously, mines saying "hey girl its COLD outside get out of here"  .

WE Go Inside

7.  Here in Florida we're using to eating outside. Playing outside. Being outside.  The temperature drops below 70 and we're taking our Starbucks and staying inside.

The Water is Freezing

8. Our fancy fountains are frozen .. we don't like this but we do like sharing the photos ;)   The surf may be great but the waves are cold.  Even the fish are trying to grow legs and move inland to stay warm. Just saying.

SAVE THE Gardens/Fruit

9.  We have stuff going year round and our produce and crops will take a hit with a hard freeze. Specially the citrus.  I know you guys like OJ wherever you may be from.


10.  Alright my friends hibernation really does not exist for us humans. But this Southern girl can seriously relate to bears and their need to do so.  My body is in slow motion , I think my warm bed sounds divine. Why oh why would I venture out into the day when one or more of the above is taking place here in the South.

There you go my readers. This Southern girl is happy to be on the couch writing this blog post with the heater blaring , my sweater and socks on and a large hot cup of coffee.  I'll be glad when our warmer weather returns.

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