Monday, December 23, 2013

Funny Last Minute Do It Yourself Gift { Exercise Block}

Still trying to put together a few Christmas gifts?  Time is ticking and if you are looking for an easy last minute Christmas gift / craft to make those you love laugh your in the right place today.  We have a really simple do it yourself gift that is sure to give whom ever you share it with a smile. I had to make one of these homemade gifts for my "sweat sisters" also known as the friends I exercise with.

Do It Yourself Exercise Block

 photo exerciseBlock.jpg

You Will Need: 

  • a square of wood (my Dad always has end pieces and scrap wood in his shop) or you could cut a board down. 
  • a printer and paper 
  • Glue
  • zip lock  bag 

You can already see what it says but we'll type it out for you just in case its hard to read in the photo ;) 

Exercise Block

1.  Place Block on Floor. 
2.  Walk around block twice. 
3.  Sit down, relax, and tell everyone you just walked
around the block two times.  

What you Need to do: 

The picture is pretty self explanatory . But we'll tell you here again too.  Print out the saying on your printer. Adjust the size so it will fit will in the middle of your block.  Once it has printed cut it down to size we kept things pretty square.  Glue it on to your block.  Place it in a zip lock bag  and share.  

I know some of you will have just the person to share this with. Like I said we did.  

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