Saturday, December 7, 2013

Do It Yourself Gifts for the Bird Lover

Do you have someone in your family who loves birds?  We're sharing a round up of do it yourself gits you can make for the bird lover today.  Birdfeeders,bird  baths and more.  They are all pretty easy to make , even the kids can help out or work on these.

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DIY Gifts for Bird Lovers

Our favorite of our birdie crafts has been the Redneck Bird feeder.  Super easy to make (as you can see ). You definitely need a since of humor to both give and receive this one.  Want to remember this one for later? Re pin it

My little helped with our flower pot bird bath.I can imagine all kinds of ways to pain this up and make it unique to your family. These are fun and fairly inexpensive to make. Your only glitch may be finding flower pots available at this time of the year.  I know my Walmart has traded the flower pots in for Christmas decorations.  We painted hand prints along ours to make it special.  I love anything with my Little's hand prints.  

Lastly from my neck of blog land is our teacup whimsical bird feeder. I think this is so fun and as you can see it loos great in the yard.  Pin It for Later  ~

Don't worry if you didn't fancy any of our crafts.  We have some great ideas from other blogs as well.

Bird feeders ~ 

Birdhouses ~

  • I love the simplicity of this flowerpot birdhouse found at Hen & Hammock. I think I could design and make one of these myself. We'll see. 
  • Think my boys would love making Papa the castle bird house over at Mess for Less


  • We think the birdbath made from  a chip and dip bowl just may be genius.
  • Flowerpot Bird Bath from Enjoy Life Anyway is at the top of our like list .
  • The mosaic tile birdbath using old DVDs looks pretty and cool.
  • We think the DIY lamp birdbath on Home Talk is amazing.
  • This just very well may be the one I make. From a PVC pipe and monogrammed we absolutely LOVE this PVC PIPE Birdbath one from Crafts a la mode.  
There you have it a list of some of my favorite crafts for the bird lover. Can't wait to get crafty and start whipping my Daddy some out.  What about you do you have any great ideas as far s Halloween goes? 

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