Tuesday, December 31, 2013

13 Best of 2013

A New Year is about to begin.  As most do with a New Year it is a time to reflect.  The same for Living at the Whitehead's Zoo.  I looked back through our 2013 post to see just what you guys liked best.  Here are the top 13 post of 2013 chosen by you my readers.  It was actually pretty fun to look back over this years post and really interesting to see what you guys liked best.  I'll try to give you more of that in 2014.

Thanks for a great year!

 photo Bestof2013n1.jpg

Best of 2013 

1.   Smothered Pork Chops was our #1 post in 2013.  I was surprised but I have to say they sure are tasty. 

Best of 2013 Smothered Pork Chops photo Bestof2013.jpg

2.  Our second most popular post was Brown Sugar Crock Pot Chicken.  We have to agree this recipe is a crowd pleaser and budget friendly. 

Best of 2013 Brown sugar chicken "crockpot" photo bestof2013a.jpg

3.  Next, in the pile up was our Teacher Appreciation Gifts.

Best of 2013 Teacher Appreciation photo bestof2013c.jpg

4.  Sharpie Tie Dye was your next pick.  This was a hit with our kids too.

Best of 2013 tie dye photo bestof2013d.jpg

5.  The DIY Exercise Block craft was one of my favorite crafts this year .  It couldn't get easier than this and I love a gift with a little bit of a humor.  I was excited to see you guys thought so too.

Best of 2013 diy gift of humor photo bestof2013e.jpg

6.  Pound cake with strawberries oh yeah I agree . This is one of my all time favorite sweet treats.  Crispy crunchy crust, moist cake and fresh strawberries.
Best of 2013 pound cake photo bestof2013b.jpg

7.  Y'all like snacky food too? Who knew?  Texas Trash Dip made the top 10.

best of 2013 appetizer photo bestof2013f.jpg

8.  How to make a pumpkin roll. Pumpkin rolls are one of our favorite holiday treats. 

best of 2013 pumpkin roll photo bestof2013h.png

9.  The Valentines Card Holder Milk Jug Frog was fun to make. I can't wait to see what the perfect Valentine holder will be this year.  I love the extra large frog eye balls on that guy.  I found them at Hobby Lobby.
best of 2013 valentine milk jug photo bestof2013i.jpg

best of 2013 teacher gift photo bestof2013j.jpg

and since we're doing the best of 2013 we thought we'd keep going to 13.  

11.  holiday baking ... I mean who doesn't love good cookie recipes? 

best of 2013 holiday baking photo bestof2013k.jpg

12.  Cheaters Brunswick Stew is so easy to make and it is perfect for a cold day.  

best of 2013 brunswick stew photo bestof2013l.jpg

 and our 13th best post is ......are you ready for this?  

13.  Cajun pasta I wish the kids liked my cooking as good as you guys . 

best of 2013 cajun stew photo bestof2013m.jpg

Thanks for being a part of our 2013.  I know great things are around the corner in 2014. I  look forward to sharing them with you guys.

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