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Top 10 Snail Facts #TurboFastRun @FHEInsiders

Do you use your kids favorite movies as a way to teach them?  If you haven't given it a try you definitely should.  Kids love movies and tying them into something educational is a great way to get those cute little minds to working.  We've been talking with you about Turbo this past week or so and sharing fun activities for you to do with the kids along with the movie. Today we're going to chat snails.  Facts about snails that is.  Check out our Top 10 Snail Facts. Who knows you may learn a little something too.

Top 10 Snail Facts 

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To help you prepare a lesson for the kiddos,  we’ve compiled a list of some fun snail facts so you can understand the ins and outs of Turbo and his gang!

1.      Salt is a snail’s biggest enemy! In the film, Chet falls down the stadium and just barely makes it through the center of a pretzel! He was so relieved he didn’t touch it, because salt can kill a snail, so they have to be careful!

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2.      It would take a snail 2 hours to move from one side of a football field to the other. That’s 50 yards per hour. If you ran your fastest, it would only take about 20 seconds!

3.      Some snails can be as big as 12 inches. Can you imagine a snail the size of a ruler?

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4.      Garden snails have thousands of teeth, located on their tongue!

5.      Snails do not have ears, but they sure can smell! That is how they find their fruits and veggies to eat.

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6.      Snails can live to be up to 20 years old!

7.      Snails are nocturnal, that means they sleep during the day and get their work done at night and in the morning. No wonder Turbo could stay up all night watching Race car videos!

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8.      A garden snail can have as many as 430 baby snails in a year!

9.      Garden snails hibernate in their shells during the winter, and some hibernate during the summer too.
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10.  When a snail moves, it leaves behind a trail of liquid slime. This mucus protects them from the hard surfaces underneath them. Snails are able to hang onto walls and move upside down thanks to this slime!

We hope you enjoyed our post about snails and maybe leaned something too.  

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