Tuesday, November 26, 2013

LeapPad Ultra Tablet Review

Are you considering the LeapFrog  LeapPad Ultra tablet this Christmas?  A tablet was on the top of my list for my four year old son.  He loves to play on the iPhone and kindle . A little bit to much I am sure.  One  thing about them though is durability. We've lost a few electronics to him accidentally breaking them.  (not fun) They get thrown down, stepped on or the worst submerged in water or some other sticky liquid. Yes, my kindle ended up in a bowl of coke one day.

I knew that a tablet for him would have to be durable and handle the tossing around.

 photo LeapPad.jpg

I also knew it would have to be easy to navigate and entertaining.  He  gets frustrated easily and it really has to grab his focus for him to stay with something.  I needed it to be easy as possible to use.

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The LeapPad Ultra has exceeded my expectations so far.

What We LIKED: 

  • the 7 inch screen 
  • WiFi  & kid safe web
  • Touch Screen 
  • Stylus is located at the bottom for easy navigation
  • Big bold graphics
  • camera features
  • art studio
  • educational while fun !!! 
  • longer battery power  / rechargeable (nice)
We didn't Like: 

  • the Apps pricing ( a bit expensive we're use to the Free and .99 apps on our phone)
  • price of games a bit pricey but comparable to others like them 
*There are plenty of very affordable apps.  The apps that are more expensive are the ones with characters from Disney, Nick and  other TV characters)  Plus you can find the games on sale you just have to watch for them . 

 photo LeappadUltra3.jpg

LeapPad Ultra includes 11 apps (preloaded and downloadable) Photo fun Ultra, Art Studio Ultra, Pet Pad Party, Utility Suite Pet Chat and More. My son likes the Pet Pad Party a lot so far.  Their are multiple levels for him to work through helping with math skills and motor skills.

I am looking forward to learning more about the LeapPad Ultra as we play.  In my opinion it makes a great tablet for children.  I love the many features it has with them in mind.  I also really appreciate that it is a tablet that will grow with him.  This tablet is recommended for children ages 4 years old to 9 . We're on the low end of that scale so I am looking forward to it lasting him quite a while.

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"I received a LeapPad Ultra compliments of LeapFrog for reviewing purposes.  All opinions shared here are 100% my own. 

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