Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Candy Wrapper Turkey Craft

Did your child end up with tons of Halloween Loot.  Need something to do with all that candy or at least the leftover wrappers?  We crafted a candy turkey with our wrappers and a cardboard box.  Super simple to make . My preschooler loved this activity.

What You Need:

  • candy wrappers
  • candy corn 
  • google eyes
  • card board pieces (one circle for body, one circle for head, feathers,and 2 legs *see photo
  • glue
That is  it.  We cut up a cardboard box that was headed to the trash to craft our turkey. A cereal box or anything to add just a little bit of sturdiness and glue your wrappers to is all you need. Poster board would even work for this.  I cut feathers out , a round body, a head and 2 legs.  You could use store bought feathers if you wanted and just have a candy body. 
 photo turkeycraft.jpg

We used candy corn for the turkey toes and beak.  Then glued on google eyes.  My little picked out different colored ones but we think our turkey is pretty darn cute.

Looking for other fun turkey crafts we have a toilet paper turkey, soup can turkey and handprint turkey here you might find adorable.  
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