Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Achieving Goals with Turbo #TurboFastFun

Do you guys have a chore chart or incentive chart?  I use an incentive chart with C.  I use it for a variety of things.  It is amazing how well a sticker incentive will get this kid of mine to do something versus just telling him to do it.  We received a Turbo Fast Fun Kit from Fox Home Entertainment.

 photo goalchart.png

I hang up the goal chart and added things I want him to work towards.  If he gets a sticker every day he gets a small prize at the end of the week.

 photo photo110.jpg The prize does not have to be anything fancy.  It can be something as simple as his favorite candy or a favorite activity. It's just a matter of ackowledging that he did a job well and earned his stickers.

 photo photo211.jpgThese are some of the fun Turbo prizes we received and that I am using a rewards for a job well done.   Definitely good little motivators for my son.

What kind of charts or incentives do your children respond to?

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