Sunday, November 10, 2013

10 Fishing Tips and Tricks for Boys

Somewhere along the way my son found a love for fishing.    As  a single Mom I'm always looking for ways to help him , tips to share and great fish gear for him to try.  It's kind of neat something he discovered on his own and can do by himself or with someone too.  One thing is for sure he really does love it.  I thought some of you moms out there might also have boys who like to fish and you'd like to share some tips and tricks with them also.  Here are ten fishing tips and tricks we have learned along the way.

10 Fishing Tips and Tricks for Boys

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  • Organize and Separate fishing hooks with a safety pin . We discovered this nifty trick on Pinterest and it really is an easy and good one.  
  • Learn about the fish in your area and what kinds of bait those fish like.  
  • Be open to tips from other fishermen.  They have been doing it a lot longer than you.  We met this great guy at the Beach one day.  He took pity on the boys who were not catching a bite and showed them a few tips.   
  • Hot dogs .. my son fishes in the pond with hot dogs and he does well.  You can also make a bait mix with bread , hot dog and garlic powder. Mash it up together and form a ball.  
  • If the wind is blowing try fishing the side the wind is blowing from.
  • Just Have Fun!  Be Creative with Bait and Lures and find what works for you. 
  • When it is cloudy fish the top. 
  • When it is Sunny fish the bottom. 
  • Bass or Pond Fishing try these lures ~ Ugly Silks, Beetlespins  / spinner baits and zoom worms (we have been successful with the worms) and jitterbugs (night)
  • Fishing for Catfish and Carp try a peanut butter dough ball... (I hear it works but we haven't tried this one yet.)  
If you are looking for fish reports, bait and tips you might like to check out Fishound.  We recently joined and you can even review fishing bait for them. It is pretty cool.  Above it all just have fun.  Explore new fishing holes, try new baits and lures and snag that big one.

"disclosure: I am in know way a professional in fishing.  These are just tips and tricks that have worked for my son and I .  This post does have some affiliate links.  " 
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