Sunday, October 6, 2013

Rivulet By @Jamie_Magee_ #BookReview #Rivulet

Miss Jamie is here on the blog today  sharing her thoughts about the new book Rivulet by author Jamie Magee.  Jamie Magee is one of my favorite authors and one of Miss Jamie's favorites too. We always love chatting with each other about these books after we've read them.  I've been going crazy to read Rivulet ever since Miss Jamie shared how good it is.

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Rivulet By Author Jamie Magee Book Review

Can't wait for the release I have my review .. Rivulet review ...I must tell you I am so excited to tell you about this book by Jamie Magee. I received an advance copy of the book for my honest review. If you have not read any other books by Jamie you need to read this one. If you read the insight series it will make more connections for you as you read it, but in my opinion you could read this prior to that series and still come away hooked on her books. This book is a story of a young orphan girl with an amazing gift. She will fight through what she considers a curse and find her true love and meaning for her life. It is a story of fire and ice, Jamie Magee has strung a web that intertwined with her other books and characters to make you really think how everything is connected. It is a little darker than Insight and maybe a little more for mature readers I would still say many teens will be OK with reading.

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Thanks Miss Jamie for sharing your thoughts on Jamie Magee's newest book Rivulet.  Can't wait to read it now and share mine with you.

"Miss Jamie received an advanced readers copy of Rivulet for reviewing purposes. All opinions shared above are 100% her own.  Living at the Whiteheads Zoo was not compensated for review in anyway. "