Friday, October 18, 2013

Master Bathroom Remodel With a New Delta Faucet! @DeltaFaucet Review

If you guys follow the blog you know that I moved recently. With that move came a major remodel for most of the house. Paint, new floors all kinds of good stuff.  I was thrilled .... THRILLED when Delta Faucet became a part of our two bathroom remodel.

 photo 015.jpg

In  my master bath I put the Lahara Single Handle Lavatory Faucet with Touch20.XT Technology.  When the box came we were a little bit worried it would be complicated to install.  So, much so we kept putting it off.  I'm happy to say that with the easy to follow instructions we were able to do it the first try with no issue. It even came with a handy little tool to tighten it down which made the installation go so much smoother. 

 photo 014.jpg
 photo 016.jpg
all the parts
 photo 017.jpg
Putting it in
 The Lahara comes in four finishes : stainless, chrome, venetian bronze and champagne bronze.  I selected the Venetian Bronze finish and LOVE it.  I think the sleek  design and color of this faucet add so much style to our bathroom.  It would definitely compliment any bathroom decor.  

 photo 021.jpg
Looking good with our new Delta Faucet! 
The touch technology is so Awesome.  We are loving it.  It makes washing up so much easier with my four year old. I love that water cuts off on its own so I'm  not yelling go back and turn the water off.  I also feel like using this technology we come in contact with less germs.  You can activate the flow of water by moving close to the faucet with in 4" it will sense you and come on.  Or you can simply touch it anywhere on the handle .

Here is a little video of me using the new faucet so you can see how the touch technology works

We liked the look and function of our Delta Faucet so much in the master bathroom we are putting a Touch20.xt faucet in the guest bathroom also. Stay tuned for that review.

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