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Jovial Gluten Free Pasta and Products Review + Giveaway

Jovial Gluten Free Pasta and Products:

Review & Giveaway

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Colleen from My Dairy Free Gluten Free Life Blog is sharing a review and giveaway here today.  Everyone give Collen a great big Zoo Welcome and share, leave a comment or enter this giveaway.  With that said I'm turning the page over to Colleen.  

 I was contacted by Jovial Foods to review their Gluten-Free pasta and products they represent. All comments are my own and no compensation other than product was given.

I have to say, Italy knows how to make Gluten-Free pasta! I have been sampling Gluten-Free pasta and so far pasta from Italy, like Jovial, wins hands down! I guess I shouldn't be surprised since pasta originated in Italy. But what I was surprised about is the other Jovial Foods are also from Italy! The photo below shows the products they sent me.

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Jovial Gluten Free Pasta and Products

I was so excited to try the traditional egg Gluten Free pasta! I have missed eating a great tasting, good mouth feel Gluten-Free egg pasta! Although I was sent spaghetti noodles I really wanted to taste the wide egg noodles they had sent. This is the photo of them draining after boiling.

I then used the jar of diced tomatoes Jovial Foods sent to make a home-made spaghetti sauce for the pasta. The tomatoes were very sweet and flavorful! The egg pasta was so good! No one would have known it was a Gluten-Free pasta. I wish the chain restaurants would use an Italian made Gluten-Free pasta for their dishes. I know I will be buying only Italian made Gluten-Free pasta even if I have to order it online. It tastes so much better. They even have lasagna noodles that are Gluten-Free!
I found that Safeway/Carr's in Anchorage carries Jovial Foods as does Sav-U-More in Homer where I live! I will just have to find this product and stock up! Everyone in the lower 48 this product should be easy to find...the Jovial Foods site has a store locator.
I sprinkled nutritional yeast over the spaghetti sauce I had made, giving it a cheesy flavor. I also picked my own green beans and had them with the meal.

The Gluten Free fig fruit filled organic cookies were fabulous. I wasn't too sure at first as they were small round little cookies and I thought there wouldn't be much fig filling, but there was a lot of filling and they have superb flavor, so much so that my husband ate 6 cookies! I will be searching for them or buying them on Jovial's Online Store.

You can also find Jovial Foods on Facebook and Twitter.


Jovial is giving 2 winners a $25 Gift Certificate each to use on the Jovial online store! You will be able to sample the quality of this great product for yourself! For your chance to win a $25 Gift Certificate,

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I hope you give Jovial's Gluten Free Products a try!

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