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Gluten Free Crunchmaster Products Review and Giveaway

I know some of you have a Gluten Free diet. Colleen from My Dairy Free Gluten Free Life is here sharing a review and giveaway of Crunchmaster Products.  Personally I think these would make one tasty snack.  I'm betting my kids would like the cinnamon and sugar grammy crisps.  Anyway, if you haven't tried these yet but would like to enter our giveaway. Maybe you'll get to give them a try for Free. 

Gluten Free Crunchmaster Products:

Review & Giveaway

IMG_2140 Gluten Free Crunchmaster

I was contacted to review Gluten Free products made by Crunchmaster. I chose the 3 products above to sample and review. All comments are my own and no compensation other than product was received. Crunchmaster is offering one lucky reader a 6 pack sampler so look for the Rafflecopter below to enter!

Crunchmaster's baking facility is certified by the Gluten Free Certification Organization. This signifies that they meet the strictest standards for Gluten Free products. In fact, Crunchmaster has 5 items that are now verified GMO free by the Non-GMO project and more awaiting approval! The 5 products that are verified GMO free by the Non-GMO project are: Hint of Sea Salt 7 Ancient Grains Crackers, Original Multi-Grain Crackers, Original Multi-Grain Crisps, Original Multi-Seed Crackers & Toasted Sesame Rice Crackers.

I have already tried many of their Gluten Free products and love them! I wanted to try the 3 products shown above that I have not found in stores in Alaska. These are my thoughts and comments on the 3 products I sampled:

Grammy Crisps: I really wanted something that tasted like graham crackers! I so miss dunking graham crackers in milk. These were a mouthful of graham cracker flavor! I could have eaten the whole box myself. The crackers are small so no dunking. I will definitely look for these to try again. I would love to try grinding them into crumbs and using them for pie crusts.

Hint of Sea Salt 7 Ancient Grains: These crackers were very good...just a hint of salt as they say. They are not heavily flavored so they are great for dips of all kinds and just great for snacking. They are also Dairy Free, Gluten Free and Vegan.

Mulit-Grain Crisps: These mini hexagon shaped crackers are nutty flavored and made of pure California brown rice with sesame, quinoa, flax and amaranth seeds; definitely a yummy snack sized cracker.

Crunchmaster's Website has a store selector, recipe section and even an online store!

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I hope you will try some of Crunchmaster's Gluten Free Products.

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