Thursday, September 19, 2013

Pirate Crafts and Lingo "Talk Like A Pirate Day"

For those of you who don't's talk like a Pirate day.  Now you may have caught on but here at this crazy zoo we are bonkers of everything Pirate.  Yes bonkers is the word.  So, today we have a couple of fun kid Pirate crafts for you to give a try.

First, every Pirate needs a parrot.

Parrot Craft 

 photo ParrotCraft.jpg WHAT YOU NEED: 

  • 9 inch circle or paper plate
  • 6 inch circle or paper plate 
  • feathers
  • 1 google eye or cut out eyes from paper
  • colors and paints
  • Glue Stick

What To Do:  

  • Glue the smaller circle or plate 1/3 of the way down the larger one. 
  •  parrotcraft.jpg
  • Cut out all of your pieces (tail, top feathers , wings, beak, claws , eyes)
  • parrotcraftpieces.jpg
  • Glue the beak to the side of your circles
  • Add one eye or google eye
  • Glue on Top Feathers
  • Glue on Wings
  • Add your claws at the bottom of big circle(plate)
  • Glue tail underneath the claws 
  •  photo Parrot3.jpg
Time to Decorate. My little used paints and glued feathers onto the wings, tail, and top feather sections.  
 photo parrotcraft2.jpg

TP ROLL Pirate Craft

I first saw this cute Pirate craft on Pinterest.  You can find the Printable version for this craft at Story Time Crafts.  I just eyeballed the printable and drew it out on paper then cut it out. No printer ink here.

 photo TPPirate.jpgOkay so first you need a toilet paper roll. If you want to you can wrap the roll in white paper.  Here are the pieces I drew, or you can draw your own, or go to the above link and print you some.
 photo IMG_9826.jpg

I ended up not using the shoes.  Okay so glue your pieces in place to the TP roll.  I wanted my sword to stand up . I cut a bendy straw and glue it to the back of the sword. Then I stapled the hands together in one spot. And there you have it. We colored the eye patch in with a black marker and I my little used his fingers to dab on red paint on the hat and cuff of the arm.  Argh Matey have fun with these we did.

Here are a few other pirate crafts you might like to check out!

However you choose to spend the day be sure and share some pirate lingo with your mate, or maybe a hunt for a treasure. It's bound to be a great time.  Here are a few pirate words to get you started.

 photo talklikeapirate.jpg

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