Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Little Talbot Island #TuesdaysTravels

Little Talbot Island is one of my favorite favorites.  It is a beautiful beach and also not very busy.  The perfect place to let the kiddos have fun and explore.  We fish, we swim, we walk we Love it!

 photo talbotisland.jpg

Little Talbot Island is a Florida State Park located at : 

12157 Heckscher Drive 
Jacksonville, Florida 32226

 photo talbotisland3.jpg
Little Talbot Island is known for its excellent fishing.  Over 5 miles of beautiful white sandy beaches.  Be aware if you go to spend the day pack some food and drinks.  There really is not anywhere to get food and drinks close by.  
 photo talbotisland2.jpgWe stop on the way and picked up bait (shrimp) . There are several bait stores along the way .  They caught tons of fish on this trip.  Kept them busy all day and they had so much fun together.