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Imperfection by Phaedra Seabolt Book Review


 Book Review

  Woohoo today is my stop on the Promotional Book Tour for Imperfection by Phaedra Seabolt.  I'm looking forward to sharing my thoughts with you today.

I could not put Imperfection down. The only thing I did not like was the cliff hanger ending. I really want to know what will happen next, and hate to wait. Meara Falk is your typical good girl, straight A's follows all of Daddy's rules , never lets loose. That all changes in March when Meara  goes out with the girls to hit the town and that one night changes everything. This is where Phaedra Seabolt snags you.  

Meara is a tough cookie who finds herself in trouble and no longer supported by Mom and Dad. She has the help of two loyal friends and that is all. She proves to be as strong as Mamas most often are.  Doing what she needs to do to keep life in order and take care of her son. Then she is faced with werewolves. The reality they exist, her baby daddy is one and so much more!

Of course Meara is not the only great character in this book. Meara's two girl friends are also leading ladies. Al of them in the middle of  two werewolf packs and a war is definitely brewing. A war between the Pure Blood Pack and Mixed. I am so looking forward  to reading  who will win this war. Book 2 is sure to have some serious action! Awesome book Phaedra Seabolt can't wait for the next!

Want More....?  Imperfection (Pure Blood)

At the center of a war brewing between two packs: her son
Meara Falk always followed her parents' rules, until one night in March when the temptation to let loose changed her life forever. Nine months later, disowned and with a baby on her hip, she discovers werewolves exist after being on the wrong end of some teeth and claws. During her first change, werewolves attack, stealing her son and driving her out of her home. Now she’s looking for the man who kidnapped her baby and turned her life upside down. Meara's son is in the middle of a threatened war between two powerful packs. Getting him back will jeopardize the lives of everyone she loves.

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Follow the author on  / Literary Addicts /  Facebook / Twitter / Pinterest / Google + / Website About the Phaedra Seabolt Phaedra Seabolt is the youngest of four and the only girl. She spent her childhood trying to be the best she could be at everything she did which drove her to attend college long enough to attain her master's degree. Now she is a stay at home mom and happily married.   On Sale for Only $0.99 for the Tour! Follow the Book Tour Hayson Publishing is giving away 3 swag packs (Water bottle, bookmark from swag shop, and $10 Amazon GC) for the tour. Fill out the form below to enter a Rafflecopter giveaway  Good Luck!

"Living at the Whitehead's Zoo received a complimentary copy of Imperfection for reviewing purposes. All opinions shared are my own and may be different from yous. "

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