Friday, September 13, 2013

An All New Season of Sesame Street Starring "Cookies Crumby Pictures"

Who grew up with Sesame Street?  Hand raised here.  I love Sesame Street.  That is why I'm so excited to tell you guys that SEASON 44 of the Award Winning preschool series premiers on September 16th. Season 44 that is just amazing right.   Not only does it premier but it does it with a hilarious new segment "Cookies Crumby Pictures".

Cookies Crumby Seasame Street.jpg
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Doesn't Cookie look so snazzy in that tux.  We think that he does. In each five-minute segment of   “Cookie’s Crumby Pictures”children will learn many strategies and activities that promote self regulation curriculum.  Additionally, Sesame Street viewers will get to watch the new Latino neighbor, “Armando,”played by actor Ismael Cruz C√≥rdova. Other season highlights include new original songs and street stories; new “Elmo the Musical” segments; new animations and, as always, new hilarious spoofs and celebrity appearances!

Here is a video of the Cookie Monster in action: 

“Cookie’s Crumby Pictures” is a brand new segment that parodies the coming attractions of popular movies and reinforces the show’s self-regulation curriculum.  For 44 years, Cookie Monster has struggled with intermittent success to consciously control his thoughts, actions and emotions.  Through seven hilarious spoofs, including “Life of Whoopie Pie,” “The Spy Who Loved Cookies,” “Les Mousserables” and “The Hungry Games,” we’ll see Cookie Monster attempt to master executive function skills – a key component of self-regulation.  He’ll display self-control (try not to eat the cookie), delayed gratification (eat the cookie later), flexible thinking (think about something else so you don’t eat the cookie), working memory (remember a strategy that worked before to keep from eating the cookie) and task persistence (being motivated to not give up while waiting to eat the cookie). Along with Cookie Monster, children will also learn about identifying and managing emotions and empathy.

Additionally, new games available on and will be launching this fall for both desktop computers and iOS/Android tablets. On, kids will steer Cookie Monster as he drives and races along different learning-themed roads to see how many laps they can complete before the cookie crumbles! Kids will need to remember, listen and follow directions as they race against the crumbling cookie in a variety of exciting executive function learning-based tracks! Preschoolers will be able to build their own cart, select from three different tracks and collect special power-ups that will aid them along the way. On, kids will be able to play self-regulation-themed games based on three new “Cookie’s Crumby Pictures” segments from the show, and even more new games will be available on in the coming months.   

Yay!  I love it already.  Today I had a blast at the Chat with Cookie Monster event.  Several bloggers and Moms got to ask Cookie Monster questions with their children. Everyone of the kiddos were so cute and so excited to get to ask Cookie Monster a question.  Cookie Monster was a great sport about it too.  My question didn't get chosen today but I still had a great time being a part of it and learning a little bit more about Cookie Monster.  You can see the fun chat below. 

Don't forget tune in September 16th for another great season of Sesame Street.