Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sunday Zoo Recap + Kindle Freebies

What has everyone been up to this week?  It's tax free week here in Florida so we've been back to school shopping.  Those words make me want to throw up a bit but its coming whether I like it or not.  The kids have been all three surprisingly cooperative so far shopping.  Which is HUGE!  And what about them school supply list OUCH.  Let's see what else the new house had the ceilings all painted today. Tile in the bathrooms is finished, wood floors down we're getting there!


We shared the #EpicDay Leafman Cookbook with 5 kid friendly recipes.  Our August Monthly Menu is up! I made an apple cake so super easy it takes three ingredients only and you dump it together and bake it. That's what I'm talking about. (apples, cake mix, & butter) Here is what you get! 

 photo applecake.jpg


Food Truck wars  ~ we talked food and trucks and fun at the St.Augustine Food Truck Wars Event.  

Then we talked about geocaching one of my newest loves.  Do you guys geocache or have a favorite app?  We aren't the greatest at it so far.  We've tried to find several only to not find them or they have been really wet and falling apart. But its fun trying and the ones we have found we've been excited! There is a cool Geocaching challenge for August if you like caching check it out!

 photo IMG_9503.jpg

Here's our girl after a day of geocaching and the beach trying to snag one last cache before we go home !  Visit our Tuesdays Travels Page to find more of our adventures.

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We shared the rosieMade Bubblebath Milkshake Review with you and I'm still gushing about how cute this shake is.  PLUS you guys can get 10% off of your orders! 
 photo 0016_web.jpg

Geocaching Sweepstakes ~ Great prizes and Treasures . Enter the #GearUpForGeocaching Sweepstakes  here! 

Head on over to our giveaway page for a complete list. We have some goodies for you! 


What have I been Reading this week?  


Grab yourself a free kindle book and read this week!


There you have it until next week!